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Arm & Hammer Clear Balance

Pool Maintenance Tablets

Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets are a safe and natural way to help keep your pool sparkling-clean and ready for fun. They help maintain your pool’s pH balance so that chlorine can work more effectively, eliminating the need for other costly, corrective chemicals. Arm & Hammer Clear Balance helps improve your overall water clarity and condition while stabilizing alkalinity and pH. The mild formula is gentle on skin and eyes. Clear Balance pool tablets come in an easy to use, pre-measured, compressed form, for fast and easy use. Each package comes with 16 tablets.

Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance Tablets:

  • Helps maintain your pool’s alkalinity and pH levels so that chlorine works most effectively
  • Arm & Hammer Clear Balance comes in convenient tablet form; means no measuring and no mess
  • Eliminates the need for other costly, corrective chemicals
  • Helps keep swimming pool water crystal clear and balanced all season long while resulting in pool water that is gentle to your skin and eyes
  • 16 tablets per package

About ARM & HAMMER™ Clear Balance™

  •  Everyday Care Simplified

    ARM & HAMMER™ Clear Balance™ is the simple way to maintain that perfect, crystal clear pool all summer long. With just a few tablets of our patented formula added weekly, you can reduce the need for expensive chemicals.

How It Works

ARM & HAMMER™ Clear Balance™ can help you achieve perfect pool water through our patented combination of alkalinity booster, pH adjuster and clarifying agent. The easy to use tablets optimize chlorine performance wile minimizing skin and eye irritation. Clear Balance™ even protects pool surfaces from corrosion and improves filtering of organics.


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